InStock – a professional storage solution

iSYS provides warehousing (WMS) solutions for scanning goods and orders to get in control of inventory and the flow of goods in your warehouse.

A solution for large and small businesses, with simple or complex needs.

The solution becomes an extended arm of information in your ERP system and ensures greater accuracy on stock movements and inventory information in the warehouse.

InStock has full support for Level 3 Dispatch advice, ie we register products in each carrier (box, pallet or the like).

InStock is a professional storage solution for large and small businesses and will help you gain better control and higher efficiency:

  • Increased productivity with more efficient goods handling
  • Reduced picking of wrong items, fewer complaints and more satisfied customers
  • Better control of inventory in stock
  • Dispatch advice level 3
  • Increased traceability and reporting on all stock movements
  • Improved control of inventories, stocks and needs for replenishment

InStock WMS can be delivered on traditional handheld terminals (PDAs) with a built-in scanner or as an Android app on a mobile device.

In addition, a web solution is provided for overview, reporting and administration.

The solution has an intuitive and easy to use design.


Betek adopted the solution in December 2019:

“We are very pleased with the system. It’s intuitive and has a low user threshold, and makes our job a lot easier than I’ve experienced with some other PDA systems. And not least, I am very pleased with your service and follow-up! ”

Torgeir Aasen
Warehouse / Logistics Manager
Betek Norge AS




InStock WMS comes as a standard package, but can be expanded and tailored to each customer as needed.

This is what we want to do to ensure that your company gets the best use and effect of the solution.

The solution retrieves data online and directly from the database of the ERP system. Normally, it relies only on pre-existing data in the ERP system.

It can be expanded to carry information not found in the ERP system, e.g. stock per. location, multi-locations, multi-order pick, etc. if the ERP system does not support this.

InStock can also be delivered in combination with VOXON Voice-Controlled Logistics.

Petter Engebretsen

Salgs- og Markedssjef