You do not have to sit down to register orders and incoming invoices manually. Save time, save money – let iSYS take care of your EDI.

• Flexible and stable
• Competitive conditions
• Private businesses
• Public agencies

iSYS is authorized for the exchange of EDI documents among private and public organizations.
As a member of, we have access to other message providers- Norwegian and international – and can exchange documents with “the whole world”.
iSYS Hub is a modern, agile and competitive messaging center.

As a customer of iSYS Hub, we will be able to “extract” orders, orders and invoices from your accounting system and ensure that they are delivered to the right company quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

You will no longer need to print or save as a PDF, and then send an email to your partner.

Let us help you reduce the manual part of order and invoice handling, and make you more efficient and competitive.
The strength of iSYS Hub is that we can handle all file formats.

If they can be read electronically, we make sure to deliver them.

The most common documents we handle for our clients are:
• Orders
• Order confirmations
• Dispatch advices
• Invoice / Credit Note
• Product information
• Price files and inventory

In addition, we offer mapping of PDF documents.

Do you want a simpler and more efficient everyday life when it comes to your business documents?

Do you want a modern and secure platform for the exchange of business-critical documents?

Contact us for an informal chat about effective EDI!

Knut Lilloe Salvesen

Selger - Kundeansvarlig iSYS HUB